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There is a little bit more to me…

This is what makes me tick, in no particular order; Japanese Ju-Jitsu, Roy Lichtenstein, the morning Cappuccino, John Mayer’s guitar skills, people covering John Mayer’s guitar skills, ramen, my dog x 1000, Star Wars (new & old), when my iPhone recognises my fingerprint and doesn’t do that stupid wiggle, Beavertown IPA’s, trying to see more of the world, wild camping, Netflix & chill, that satisfaction you get when scissors glide through wrapping paper, wind turbines, pretending to air guitar that epic solo from “Free Bird” by Lynrd Skynyrd, free-range chickens, Kyle Cooper’s title sequences, anything with Denzel Washington in it, glass architecture, wondering what life would be like if you had feet for hands and hands for feet, Connor McGregor pre-match interviews, bouldering, the trifecta of hip-hop (Nas, Kanye, Jay-z), quoting Anchorman whenever a reference is even slightly mentioned, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Metallica, pistachio nuts. I’ll keep adding, but for now you have had your fill.


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