A little app with a lot of power.

Branding / designing and creating a revolutionary concept.

This concept was already in motion from Scottish Power’s internal design team so my job was to address the current designs / ideology and create improvements.

Scottish Power were transforming how people purchase their energy packages and “PowerUp” was an app that allowed you to get gas & electricity in ‘days’ or ‘packages’ directly from your mobile device – revolutionary. The app also allows the user to track how much energy they use, thus preventing overspend / waste. 

An icon that works.

The icon was the centre of the brand in reality, as this would be where the most interaction happens, from large devices all the way down to a potential smart watch application run out. We highlight the ‘Power Up’  brand while sustaining the idea of energy as a force of warmth and movement, Over time you get real time warnings that your energy is running low.

A powerful idea.

The application had such a unique idea at the heart of it, it felt fitting that the creative execution should have the same. Enter, “the *nexus tank”, which is the central visual asset that explains how much gas or electricity you have left on your app.

*self named, dramatically.

Powering a new design language.

A design language was created to help lead the internal design team at Scottish Power. I created visuals centred around a nucleus of energy, one that needs looking after, just like your home energy. We used colours from the Scottish Power palette to depict when your bill needs attention and bold typography to present information in a nonthreatening manner.

Main Screen.

The instantaneous reality of how much “gas you have left” is easily seen and a changing colour scheme helps provide micro – interactions that are engaging and clear. As the gas gets closer to the update day the energy storage circle decreases in size while losing its colour, glow, fill, and embers which circle it. Prompting the user to “Power Up” – A traffic light system is not only in the master brand colours, but simple to understand and globally recognised as a visual language.

DayPay Screen.

Interactivity should be ever-present here as it helps encourage the action. The information on this page can be input by entering via the touchpad or by the use of the slider. By using the colour scheme and elements from the Main Screen we can help reward and encourage the audience.

Forecast Screen.

The app should appear strong and credible when approaching personal information. We explore brand colours and subtle use of the ripple here again.


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