Image of Princes Trust flag and sky


Cycling together, restoring pride.


After working on a successful campaign the previous year we ran it again, this time updated with a new art direction and designs.

While RBS employees had started a mammoth 500 mile cycle which took them from London to Edinburgh over five days and aimed to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for The Prince’s Trust. We set up a an experiential cycle challenge that toured the country with them. Allowing participants who couldn’t make the 500 mile cycle to have a go in the comfort of there office. I handled all the Ui and Ux for this job.


My Role Designer / Motion Designer
Art Direction  Troy Farnworth

Copywriter — Phil Evans

Its no secret staff pride and engagement was needing bolstered following the financial crash and RBS’s much publicised bail out in 2008.

We successfully gained over 10,000 participants, raised an enormous amount for charity (together with follow-up challenges) and more staff felt proud to be associated with RBS.


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