Branding a space (on water).

Transforming Mary.

An uncommon yet underused meeting point, converted to a co-working space on the docks of Leith.

“The Mary of the Guise” lacked the identity to become a new, fashionable co working space for clients and creatives alike. I was tasked with creating an identity complete with signage, murals and a way finding toolkit that would direct the visitors visually, through the universal language of illustration. 

The Barge’s interior and materials had been reduced down to what made Leith famous in the first place – the ship building industry. The new branding reflected that being black and white and using original sketches to dictate the visual language. The result was a modern, positive working incubator for workers in all fields.

The Barge System

Taking symbolism from the barge outline I created a new shape which we integrate with typography, colours and any other elements.

“Feel’s like home”

Keeping all the positive and natural connotations of a hub we named areas of the barge helping break up the idea of a work only enviroment and promoting a friendly home-like feel.


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