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Shackleton needed to place itself in the centre of a movement that celebrates the luxury of finding tranquility and immersion in nature. The whisky was founded on emulating the spirit of legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, so the site was designed to reflect that. Helping the British public find "digital detox" areas in nature, via an interactive map that then gives directions to find and escape with a dram.

By teaming up with the UK’s top adventurers, photographers, and influencers to identify the best offline locations, free from 3G, 4G, and 5G throughout the nation - there was an authority that these places were worth the trip.


Plover Hills, Ben Gillispie

Explore. Discover.

Dunnottar Castle, Ross Sneddon


Pen-y-Ghant, Ben Gillispie

The site included everything from; Scottish lochs, hidden caves in the Lake District, forests in Dorset to hikes in Cornwall.

Free from digital connectivity.

The map was audited vigorously and updated as the campaign grew. The site also provided the ability for other explorers who may have found a spot, to suggest a location to add to the map.

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