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 Build Partner  Yummygum

Based in Amsterdam, Leqture delivers live, online sessions that inspire, educate and engage talent at businesses worldwide, with topics ranging from artificial intelligence to North Korean dictatorship, plastic surgery to art history and ethics to emotional intelligence.

Working alongside a rebrand with D8 Amsterdam, the aim was to bring a greater stand-out online experience and uncover how the website could work harder to convert potential audiences into consumers of a Leqture session.

Delivering a UX strategy and a modular design system that could be interchanged and flexed to work for the obstacles of the time.

Uncovering who was actually looking for a leqture session

We found that the target audience was bouncing high and looking for questions on how to even interact with the product that was on sale - convincers that should be answered.  An in-depth discovery was carried out by looking at various performance stats providing insights/areas that could be focused on.    

Contrary to many of the client's preconceptions we arrived at 2 main paths.

  • We found that most users tended to be in search of a topic (sessions) as opposed to the speakers, so we knew we should look to build content and the site around this.

  • The high bounce rate pointed toward there not being a clear one-liner, and with no pricing structure, it was unrealistic to expect an improved online experience. This highlighted the need for a better definition of what Leqture offers to the consumer.
Fuelling the desire to learn

The new Leqture website was designed for both leaders of teams and individuals. The goal was to allow you to immediately understand what Leqture does, how they're different, and how they can help you get to grips with the difference inspiration can make on both your happiness and production. 

Inspiration gets real

Less pain, more gain. The Leqture UX was priotised to help busy audiences navigate the plethora of choices and search a library where they could easily plan around their working lives. With over 50+ choices the new site has already attracted new users and improves on previous conversions.