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Creating an application that helps break down the monotonous barriers that chef's/owners encounter every day when updating stock. 

The final solution brought to life a never-created-before platform that aimed to help connect professionals in hospitality and catering venues, with their suppliers both existing and new. All via an easy-to-use app and configurable dashboard. The final solution brings time-saving benefits to the laborious task of ordering goods day in, day out via multiple phone calls.

We worked closely together with the Orders Made Simple to get the right product insight. By listening, testing, and constantly improving upon real user insights, monthly improvements to an MVP were built upon, all while allowing the business to get off the ground and sustain a growing customer base.

Iterative improvements at scale producing maximum value

Solving the plethora of user challenges first, then satisfying the business objectives we made sure to build on top of an MVP on a constant basis, with feedback from real users in their working environment- the kitchen, the front of house, the owner - reiterating and building upon requests for features and hurdles they were facing monthly as a way to validate hypotheses.

The more we learned as a team, the more we improved and optimised our solutions.

Helping OMS become a new, exciting, and highly credible brand

Focusing on establishing a more emotive connection with OMS's customers through variety and playfulness. Light-hearted illustrations were created, that wouldn't get in the way and would give users delight when fulfilling an often perceived mundane task.

Proposed product photography gives a snapshot into the size and scale of operations and helps to build trust with new users OMS were aiming to onboard - highlighting real products also shows the scope of partnership OMS has.

A completely new and modernised brand was created which involved a logo, and new design language through color, typography, and refreshed style. The new brand mark helps maintain structure and visual impact across print and digital applications, with the ability to be simplified and used more vicariously - aka. turn it, reduce it to just the speech bubble, put it on any brand colour, use it within the copy, etc.

Making purchasing your stock simple, enjoyable and trackable

As the starting point, we used wireframes, MVPs, and the knowledge we gathered during the research to propel us to better structure the navigation, overall layout, onboarding screens, and how users interact with settings. This really helped the users to better experience the application with a greater understanding of the product - we grew as they did.

The main aim was to seek unity across the whole design language and better present the data and information regarding food/drink/cleaning supply orders of all varieties. 

Design and development didn't just build the application, but also a standalone connected database that could be updated by the owner. So purchasing and products for their venue could be tracked and logged.