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Tennent's has built the sort of customer loyalty other distillers can only dream of in Scotland and with the upcoming launch of a new direction and new products, we noticed an opportunity for Tennent's to create a new, refreshed, e-commerce focused web experience. Opening the gates to a new generation, all with the authenticity and magic, people love about the brand.

Tennent's web presence was split across multiple sites all across the globe, confusing and sporadic to an audience that would begin to have a much higher expectation, especially surrounding buying online - which was something that they were yet to explore.

We partnered with Tennent's to bring everything under a single seamless CMS, on top of a modern stack, and developed a UX strategy and infostructure that created a new and manageable revenue stream.

One, centralised digital experience

The new tennents.co.uk needed to be a confident foundation of a brand looking towards the future.

We found multiple opportunities within the quantitative data that would suggest a strategy that focused on amalgamating e-commerce, an integrated tour booking system, and further factions within the business such as; Tennent's music - would mean the site not only caters to the immediate needs to thrive in the online world, but allows space to grow for years to come. 

Leveraging an existing brand to meet ambitions of a new audience

Tasked with developing a more powerful expression of the Tennent's brand. Pushing a look and feel that had to be memorable, alternative yet polished - moving away from previous online experiences that had more of nod to their impishness and getting them towards a ambitions of a new, broader audience.

Product seekers into purpose-driven shoppers

In an effort to shift the consumers’ mindset, we integrated brand storytelling as a foundational part of the site, creating an opportunity to invite a bigger brand purpose. Gently educating shoppers on how products are made and the impact it has on the planet, we’re able to give them a moment to pause and consider the brand they are investing in. By doing so, we can convert product seekers into purpose-driven shoppers, while telling meaningful product stories.

Celebrating moments that happen around a pint of lager

By unifying the brand's purpose, personality, and reason-to-buy, it created an effortless shopping experience that could be accessed anywhere within tennents.co.uk. Aiming to evoke the same level of enjoyment when out at the bar with friends, we wanted 
to explore how each drinker (or not) could own their own part of the spirit.